To have results in bodybuilding, you have to be super regular. When you weight training you can’t expect to have results by training for 30 minutes, here and there.

Bodybuilding is a sport apart, where the challenge is with yourself rather than with others. The feeling of power that you develop (besides having more rounded buttocks haha) is really good. And you quickly get addicted to lifting weights and lifting bars.

When I first started weight training, I didn’t know much about movement. Some machines looked more like torture instruments than weight machines to me.

At first, I mainly did cardio. Only, at one point, I wanted to tone my body, have muscular thighs, toned arms and baby abs.

So I moved into weight training, which at the time wasn’t as popular. I must say, I was the only girl in the weight training part of my gym. And the only guys who came to talk to me were more there to chat than anything else.

Now, there are about ten women doing weight training in my gym, and the guys are even there to help us during squats and bench presses.

The question that arises after starting weight training is how long will it take to get results?

In how long, the thighs will take shape, when the abs will appear and after how long we will have rounded buttocks!

In bodybuilding, there is no secret: you need to be consistent and eat well on the side. What’s interesting about this sport is the notion of progress. (We recommend to real athletes ) You can really see the evolution over time whether it is in terms of the load lifted or the physical results.

After a few weeks, we will see a gain in power and strength. We will lift heavier or we will be able to do more repetitions. At first, a 5 kilogram load can seem super heavy when doing a squat. Then over time, the 5 pound dumbbell will become the weight for the warm-up!

And it’s a really great feeling to feel that you get more athletic and more drawn over the weeks and months.

In bodybuilding, you constantly improve and that is what is addicting.

We really measure our progress in terms of athletic ability and visual results on the body. The results on the physique are really visible quickly when we have a suitable diet in addition to regular training.

Frankly, to be honest with you in order to have great results with weight training, 4 workouts per week should be expected. It makes sense when you think about it and it applies to all disciplines.

To learn how to hem correctly, you need to hem several times on a regular basis. Ditto for the kitchen: the more you make a chocolate cake, the more you will master the baking, dosage, decoration, etc.

Ditto in sport. When preparing for a half marathon, or a marathon, the training sessions are numerous and up to 5 or 6 per week.

In bodybuilding, it’s the same thing.

To have a toned body, we therefore have to be regular while favoring a healthy and natural diet.

If I had to share my experience, I would say it took me 6 months to achieve the muscular thighs and rounded buttocks I wanted. Well, it must be said that I was leaving from afar.

Today, thanks to weight training, I really see the results on my body and I am not the only one when you look at all the Gazelles who have taken up weight training and send me their transformation photo on Facebook!

Afterwards, to be honest, if you start weight training just to get visual results without taking into account that it’s a full-fledged lifestyle, it’s going to be hard to stay motivated.

Of course, when you see your abs take shape, your arms more toned and when you notice that you have less fat on your stomach, you are necessarily happy (and me the first).

But what keeps you going is the pleasure you get in getting stronger and more athletic. And the feeling of balance that strength training provides is truly essential.

Weight training is really the way to have a better hygiene of life and to have more willpower in life in general.

Thanks to sport and the rigor that it takes, I was able to create my own company and my web agency. We often overlook the benefits of sport and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, even though it is the very basis of our daily lives.