Eat local, healthy and gourmet with Go Nuts

Eat local, healthy and gourmet with Go Nuts

More and more of us are turning to a healthier and more responsible diet. Now, the urge to consume less meat, processed products and eat locally is starting to grow in many of us. We want to eat local, eat healthy while having fun.

Eating local, healthy and gourmet: how to do it? Maybe let’s start by clarifying the meaning of local eating.

Eating local means eating foods produced all around you, within a limit of about 160 km. This is called the locavore movement or being a locavore. This expression was coined in 2005 by Jessica Prentice, an American living in San Francisco. Why was this local eating movement started? There are several advantages to consuming local. This can extend to all aspects of his life: such as furniture, cosmetics, clothing, etc.

Locavore in your diet is often the first step in a more responsible life. Of course, it’s not always easy to apply. You may be able to start by eating foods that are only produced in France. The challenge is already great and it may be easier to meet at the very beginning.

There are 4 main advantages of eating local or becoming a locavore:

– The quality of the products consumed is greater: the food is fresher, often organic and seasonal

– This has a positive impact on health because the foods consumed are natural and their traceability is easier to set up

– The biggest impact is certainly on the environment: the transport of fruits, vegetables and meat is faster because they are produced in France and are not transported worldwide.

– The impact on the economy: because producers, breeders and farmers are French and they gain more in demand

Even if it is not always possible to eat local or French, a young brand has just been born in Lyon. She offers natural and French products!

Healthy and Gourmet Eating with Go Nuts

Go Nuts is a French brand of natural bars for sportsmen. Go Nuts was born in Lyon thanks to Raissa and her husband Marc (a superb couple adventure). t Raissa herself manufactures the protein and vegetable bars herself. She also creates the recipes by choosing the ingredients with care.

All products are therefore designed and produced by hand, by Raissa who is trained as a professional pastry chef and who is passionate about nutrition and healthy eating.

So a high quality product is delivered to you. What is particularly pleasant is that the products are natural and healthy, without artificial ingredients, without gluten, without lactos *, without added sugar or fat, without GMOs and preservatives… but that does not mean that they have no flavors!

You know that for me, natural nutrition is the key to a healthy lifestyle and sustainable weight loss without frustration or diet. So I literally fell in love with Go Nuts bars.

The opinion of La Route de la Forme on Go Nuts

Clearly, Go Nuts bars are delicious. They are best consumed before or after training. They are easy to digest and ultimately the hardest part is not to devour them all when they arrive at your home.

Recently, Raissa has also been offering peanut butter which I have also tasted (yes, you can smell the sweet tooth that I am). Peanut butter is also natural and artisanal.

My 2 favorite flavors for these little natural Go Nuts bars are:

– the chocolate flavor composed of: cashews, dates, Go Nuts sunflower butter, bitter cocoa powder, orange zest, orange extract.

– the coconut flavor made up of: almonds, dates, Go Nuts sunflower butter, bitter cocoa powder, hemp seed, chocolate chips.

I’m not even talking about the natural peanut butter which is a real treat!


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