3 tips to apply now to adopt a better lifestyle

3 tips to apply now to adopt a better lifestyle

You know, I talk very little about my private life here, because what interests you on the road to fitness is having the best tips for losing weight and getting in shape.

However, my life is not all about wellness and fitness. Even though you know I spend a LOT of time working, for me family is the most important thing in the world (yes that’s all)

And recently things happened in my life… It reminded me that many times we miss the simpler things. These simple things are often the best gifts life can give us.

How does this relate to your weight and your well-being? You will see…

Now, I’m finishing the meal for my whole family, it smells good, it cost me 3 € per person and it’s balanced.

While preparing this meal, I thought of these simple things you can do for your weight and shape. But we often miss it because we tend to think that losing weight is complicated and painful.

Yet when you know what to do, it just goes like clockwork. And here I’m not just talking about weight loss;).

So, yes it is true that as summer approaches, we want a flatter stomach and well toned thighs.

Which is understandable: we’re going to put on our swimsuits on a crowded beach, we’ll spend more time in swimsuits than with clothes, we’re going to see your body all day.

So we might as well have a sexy body that we like ? And I don’t know why but we prefer to have abs and well rounded buttocks!

And you know what? I’m going to give you 3 tips to apply right now to adopt a better hygiene of life:

# 1 Favor water, tea and coffee throughout the day.

Staying hydrated is very important for your well-being. You will gain more beautiful skin and less water retention which gives that puffy effect.

# 2 Eat food without packaging.

We talk about it in detail here: laroutedelaforme.fr/comment-manger-naturel/

# 3 Stop killing yourself with cardio.

For you, I have a faster method: it’s HIIT. If you don’t know, I wrote this article for you.

A flatter stomach, better sleep and thinner thighs: it all starts with better nutrition.

Not many people think about it and that’s a shame because it is what allows you to lose fat in the long term.

Eating well is not a diet

It’s a more natural lifestyle that is good for your weight and vitality!

This is why on the blog and on Facebook I share all my tips for being in shape all year round.

And of course, you have the programs to go further and faster towards the best possible form.

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