My 3 simple principles for eating 100% natural

My 3 simple principles for eating 100% natural

“Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be in your food.” This morning, as I reread that sentence 2 or 3 times, I said to myself “in real life, that’s the truth, eating is supposed to do us good”.

We tend to forget that food is there to do good for the body … before doing good for the mind!

When we take a closer look, now we eat without being really hungry, and especially we think of the taste pleasure, instead of thinking in terms of health. This is why we eat more and more in terms of quantity and frequency.

Especially we eat more and more sugar because it tastes good. Whereas, the damage to the body is just insane. Moreover, we feel the negative effects: headaches, fatigue, thirst, swelling, etc.

As I discuss in this video viewed 33,000 times, the damage from sugar goes beyond just weight gain. But, that’s not the topic of the day.

Today’s topic is different.

Today, we are talking about NATURAL food. We are going to touch natural eating to gain vitality and lose weight without dieting.

It’s not about eating 100% natural overnight. It’s about eating as naturally as possible over time.

What is eating natural?

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It’s really simple, actually.

It’s about eating foods, which are originally created by nature. Food that grows in the ground and on trees It seems logical, yet it is too often forgotten.

I talk about it in the book What to Eat for Weight Loss, in a quick chapter (yes, that’s not the subject of this first book, that’s why I’m developing it further here).

Eating natural is:

  • favor raw products, instead of prepared meals.
  • choose seasonal or organic vegetables, instead of Spanish raspberries, for example.
  • favor local producers too.

I imagine these principles appeal to you on paper. However, it is not always easy to apply them on a daily basis. So, how to eat natural in 3 simple steps?


Prepare to squint or put on magnifying glasses. When it comes to ingredients and composition, food manufacturers like to write lowercase.

Yet when you start reading food labels, you learn a lot of very interesting things.

I remember the first time I looked at the composition of a “Family” Charal hamburger.

I thought I would find some salt and some beef. What a surprise I got when I read, that there were beets, wheat, and lots of things I didn’t know the meaning of, like E330.

Ditto, when we discover the composition of a box of chewing gum, apparently without “sugars”. Sometimes you find that you eat shit more often than you think.

If I had to give you any advice, it would be to read food labels to see what they are made of. You will probably hallucinate.

I’m not even talking about the ready meals. At least, the advantage of cooking your meals yourself with raw products is that you know what you are eating (a priori!).


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Buy seasonal fruits and vegetables. Again, on paper this may seem like a simple trick. However, in practice this is much less obvious.

To buy fruits and vegetables in season, several options are available to you:

  • Look at the list of seasonal vegetables and fruits before shopping
  • Shopping in an organic store like BioCoop (they are organic and locavores)
  • Order fruits and vegetables via an AMAP

When you become aware of seasonal fruits and vegetables, you quickly see that there are far too many fruits available all year round.

Choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables is a real exercise, which you can do during your next runs! You’ll see, it’s a real challenge!


This tip is my favorite!

Still, it’s not the easiest. The principle is as follows: choose foods that have no packaging.

Which is not obvious if we look at our closets! What I like about this tip is that it’s easy to apply. What’s more, it helps to save our beautiful planet;).

By focusing on unpackaged foods, you will naturally choose more vegetables, fruits, meat from the butcher, and dried fruits at retail. At the same time, it naturally eliminates sugary cereals, chocolate desserts and other sweet bars ?!

So you will eat better naturally, without even thinking about it. Your body will thank you very quickly.

There are several BIG benefits to eating natural.

One of them is of course better vitality and a leaner, more toned body. Above all, by eating natural we get rid of our addiction to sugar. You also do your body good by eating good things, without getting frustrated.

And then, you feel less guilty when it comes to swerving!

So, will you take up the challenge over the next few days, to see what the positive effects are on your form? Tell me in the comments, I’m curious to know!

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