The 10 ingredients of sweets dangerous to health

The 10 ingredients of sweets dangerous to health

These are classic candies from the famous children’s brand that you know very well.

You can see for yourself all the ingredients in the sweet gelatin candies by turning the box over. There are all the ingredients on the label on the back of the box of candies.

Perhaps the most shocking thing is the main composition of gelatin candies. The candies are made with pig fat (pork fat) to which the food industries add sugar and chemical agents.

Here is the list of chemical ingredients in these candies:

– Glucose syrup: this is liquid sugar used as a binder in the food industry. To flee like the plague.

– Sugar

– Molasses sugar syrup (or molasses): used as a solvent in the pharmaceutical industry. I wonder how it is possible to find it in candies that can be eaten by children. Molasses also has a very strong sweetening power.

– Wheat flour: therefore gluten.

– Dextrose

– Gelatin

– Starch: you know this ingredient is to be avoided if you want to wake up your metabolism as I discuss in detail in my first book.

– Licorice extract: so it’s not all about licorice.

– Maltodextrin: athletes use it to gain weight, if you want to lose weight avoid it.

– Acidifiers

– Citric acid

– Palm oil: terrible for the body and the environment.

– Salt

– Lactose + milk proteins

– Aromas

– Colorants

– Coating agents

– White and yellow beeswax: crazy because it is used for polishing products and wooden furniture.

– Carnoba wax: used for finishing wooden furniture

So we eat the same thing as what is found in household products that we use to wax wood.

It’s really amazing! I don’t even know how it is possible to put that in food products when you find these same components in household products.

Nutritional information for 100g of candy:

– 50 grams of sugar: so half.

So in a box of candy: there is half the sugar and half the pig fat (pork fat)

You probably understand better why your stomach hurts after eating sweets and why eating sweets causes poor digestion.

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