4 reasons to do HIIT (instead of normal cardio)

4 reasons to do HIIT (instead of normal cardio)

Do you do cardio? stop everything and read this.

The or coffee? Dark chocolate or milk chocolate? Nike or Adidas? France or Spain? Bodybuilding or running?

Yes, that’s how it is at La Route de la Forme: we like to choose sides!

What we also love about the blog is helping you know what’s best for you:

  • the best method to lose weight,
  • have abs,
  • lose fat or feel better about your body.

And clearly today we will have to choose sides between HIIT and classic cardio.

Why do hiit instead of classic cardio?

Hey yeah we’re like that, we dare tell you to stop classic cardio. Let’s start at the beginning.

What is HIIT?

HIIT is a faster and more efficient way to train than regular running.

HIIT is a cool way to burn belly fat. Yes, you read that right. Now, let’s get into the details to dig deeper.

HIIT is the alternation of a very intense exercise phase with a less intense exercise phase.

This method of interval training will increase your heart rate very quickly, like during a sprint for example.

There are many ways to train in HIIT.

You can do it outside by alternating sprints. You can also do a HIIT mat session. Simply program the speed of the treadmill to vary the intensity from 1 to 2. For example: 30 seconds of sprinting, 30 seconds of walking.

HIIT works equally well on a bike or in weight training.

How to apply HIIT to bodybuilding?

HIIT in strength training is the method I use the most to tone my legs.

The principle is simple: perform several targeted exercises in a circuit, to increase the heart rate while toning the body.

Release and weight loss guaranteed!

Now let’s see…

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What is the difference between HIIT and classic cardio?

What is the difference between HIIT training and regular cardio, like running.

The first benefit of HIIT is saving time.

An average HIIT session lasts 30 minutes. Against 60 minutes of classic cardio. That is, in 30 minutes of HIIT you can burn as many calories as in 60 minutes of regular cardio.

Interesting isn’t it?

And when you work a lot, you always have to run right to left and you don’t have enough time for yourself, it’s really a BIG advantage to be able to sculpt yourself a dream body without passing HIS LIFE in a gym.

2nd, big advantage of HIIT, it allows you to tone up while refining.

That is, you don’t get flabby in your legs while doing HIIT. Where classic cardio will draw on the muscle more easily, HIIT will really tone it up more.

So no more love handles and saddlebags. And hello to the muscular stomach and tapered legs.

3rd benefit of HIIT: burn more calories at rest (after burn effect)

What also pleases with HIIT is that you continue to burn calories even after exercising.

Yes, when you are on your couch after your HIIT session, you continue to burn more calories than usual. And that’s pretty awesome.

Yes, it’s not for nothing that I chose this method of exercise to lose weight and stabilize my weight.

Should I do HIIT or normal cardio?

Yes, that’s the question: So HIIT or cardio? It depends on your goal. Here are 4 reasons to do HIIT:

To lose weight:

HIIT will be more efficient and faster.

To burn fat, especially on the stomach:

HIIT is clearly the best for burning fat and toning the body.

To work on endurance:

Classic cardio is going to be the best choice since the effort will be constant and long.

To improve your performance:

HIIT! This is especially what runners use when doing interval training.

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