6 women’s clothes for bodybuilding

6 women’s clothes for bodybuilding

There are lots of promotions right now on canooooon sportswear for women. Here is my selection at promo price (yes there is even a pair of Nike at -50%).

(At the end of the article, a new surprise arrives on the blog from now on!)

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Reebok Hero Sports Bra

A good sports bra is just the essential thing for working out and doing weight training. I know that sometimes you can be reluctant because it’s not the sexiest thing but it’s also a question of “safety”. Anyway, you know what I mean.

I fell in love with this bra and it’s got you 50% off here

The best shoes for doing squats

When we weight training, we often look for shoes with a flat sole, especially for all gluteal and thigh exercises in order to have the foot flat. These Nike’s are pure beauties and the sole looks great for doing squats.

These Nike exist in several colors and above all they are less than 50 euros

Shorts that let you see your legs but not your butt!

You’ll be glad you discovered these shorts. Especially if you are doing HIIT and jumping all over the place. You’ll love it even more if you ride a bike or run.

Because yes, shorts are great especially in summer, but you can quickly find your buttocks exposed if they are too wide or not cut well enough. With these shorts, there is no risk of finding yourself half naked: you can do your HIIT session with a light mind.

These shorts that respect your body are 40% off on Zalando

The best leggings in the world for warming up muscles and staying dry

Yes, these leggings are going to be your new favorite workout tights for your weight training (or HIIT see you). I have it and personally I’m in love with it. THE material is really pleasant: it warms your muscles to prevent injuries while evacuating the breath. Because there is one thing you hate when you’re a woman: it’s having a wet butt when you work out!

The perfect and cheap leggings are available in several colors and above all they are 40% off

The sexy and practical sports tank top

When you do weight training, there is always a point where you find yourself in a particular position, even upside down. And in these moments, it is rather nice to have a sports tank top that incorporates a bra (if you know what I mean)

The sports tank top for your sexy bodybuilding sessions but not bitch is at -45% here

This is your chance to throw away your old sports bag

No, but let’s be serious 2 minutes: who likes to lug around a huge gym bag? Not me and I guess you are not happy with the prospect either. Only we must admit: a sports bag is ugly but it’s still super practical to put all your things and your little sports mess.

So, for a few months now, I have found the magical alternative: a stylish but SUPER large (and therefore super practical) leather backpack.

Now is the time to leave your old gym bag in the closet (-40% + stylish)

Many of you ask me what I read, what are my vitamins or my sports supplements. So, the easiest way is to share with you my favorites of the moment in My Sports Selection

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