Where to start to lose weight fast? (sport, motivation and diet)

Where to start to lose weight fast? (sport, motivation and diet)

If you always put limits on what you do, physical or otherwise, they will permeate your work and your life. In reality, there are no limits. There are only trays, and they shouldn’t be holding you back. We have to go beyond the plateaus.

Strength does not come from physical ability. It comes from an indomitable will. A desire to break down the limits.

People ask me every day on Snapchat how I find the strength to get up at 6am every morning to do 1h30 of sport before tackling 10 / 12h days of work (I am an entrepreneur I work a lot)

The answer is simple: I’m not strong, I do what needs to be done every day to feel good.

I am not a machine. Yes, there are mornings when I get upset because I want to hang out in bed.

A lot of times I eat bullshit, especially now. At the office, colleagues bring back cakes every day and I let myself be tempted. Also, sunny days are back, so I tend to drink a few glasses of rosés on the terrace.

It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being yourself and revealing your strength little by little, day after day. It’s about transforming yourself step by step.

We can start by setting small goals, like doing 30 minutes of sport a day, then progress day after day.

You have to stop thinking that what you see on Instagram, or Facebook, of girls doing fitness is 100% true. For the most part, social media is only part of the truth (and sometimes it’s downright bullshit, but I wouldn’t dump xD).

That’s also why I love Snapchat: because here you really see people’s daily lives!

How to have a balanced life? How to find the motivation to play sports? What to eat to lose 5 pounds? What sport to burn fat?

There are several methods to lose weight, build muscle, get in shape, rebalance your diet. Maybe you have already tested several.

I can only tell you about what works for me. And before I tell you more, you should know 2, 3 things about me:

  • I like chocolate, waffles and rosé too much (plus I have to eat often)
  • I like to train but it has to be fun (yes, like the children)
  • I work 10/12 hours a day and I live in the heart of Paris (so no countryside or large spaces nearby)
  • I have a very slow metabolism (my body stores pretty much everything) and I retain a lot of water

Basically, I don’t have the genetics of a Victoria Secret model, although I would love to.

That means I have to put in a LOT MORE effort than my girlfriends to have a flat stomach and an athletic body.

So yes sometimes it makes you bitch having to do more to get what you want. But I believe that everything in life takes work and effort. And in the end everything happens on time if we hold on to our desires.

Let’s start with sports: how to play sports quickly and with better results?

If we are friends on Snapchat (my nickname: mazgaux) you know that every morning I do my HIIT session.

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I have noticed that this way of training has better results in losing weight. Mainly on the stomach and thighs.

For me, it saved me from reaching my plateau too quickly, I built up muscles while losing weight, it’s fast, you can do HIIT anywhere without equipment and above all, you don’t get bored while doing HIIT.

To sum up: it’s simple, fast, intense and results can be seen in less than a month with the right diet.

This is the second point to take into account in building a more balanced life.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I am talking about natural food all the time. A simple diet, with good things.

For example, I don’t eat starch anymore and I explain why in this video.

Diet is the basis of weight loss. It is by rebalancing your diet that you can refine your thighs, lose belly fat and strengthen your arms .

Beyond the physical aspect which is very pleasant, it must be said. By rebalancing your diet you immediately notice better sleep, gain in vitality, better mood and greater motivation to play sports.

Yes, motivation is the third pillar of a more balanced life. In fact, motivation is inner strength, the will, the desire that pushes you to surpass yourself.

It’s the motivation that keeps you going when your head says stop. The motivation is maintained, it is like the body J.

All that to say: start, step by step, to build the balanced life you want! The rest will follow naturally. The first step is to know where to start. And I think you’ve come to the right place to start afresh.

On the blog you have more than 250 articles, you have a book to have a precise idea of ​​what to eat to lose weight and you have a complete program to train you quickly in HIIT.

Make yourself at home: help yourself and take care of yourself

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