5 weird tips to eat less meat

5 weird tips to eat less meat

Meat is often the preferred protein intake for all athletes. Meat contains a lot of protein per 100g, little carbohydrate and depending on the quality of the meat, little fat.

However, there are plant alternatives to keep your protein intake by eating less meat.

Eating less meat is gradually becoming a topic of discussion even for the greatest athletes.

Indeed, we are discovering more and more that the production and consumption of meat has a terrible impact on nature and health.

It’s not about stopping your meat consumption completely.

The idea is to explore other possibilities to keep a sufficient protein intake when you are athletic. In this video, I caught up with Anne-Sophie from the Anne-so diary blog to share her transition from vegetarian to vegan.

  • what is it to be vegetarian?
  • How to gradually become vegetarian?
  • What is the difference between vegetarian and vegan food?
  • What is the vegan lifestyle?
  • What can you eat when you’re vegan?
  • Why is eating less meat increasingly important?
  • Why decide to gradually reduce your meat consumption (which I am doing)

At the moment, I am in the process of reducing my meat intake.

You may know: my diet is as natural as possible.

So it seems to me that the logical continuity of this way of eating is the most conscious and responsible diet possible. So, I decided to cut down on my meat consumption.

Of course, the plant alternatives mentioned in the video caught my attention.

This video was filmed a few days ago. I got up very early to ask ALL my questions to Anne-Sophie.

I asked him how to keep your protein intake when you want to eat less meat.
It was sunny but a little cold (because it was very early in the morning) but with Anne-Sophie we were in a very good mood, as evidenced by the beginning of the video.

It’s very simple, I had a laugh while editing the video. And I’m not even talking about the hedge jump at the end!

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Please share the video with 2 of your friends who want to cut down on their meat consumption. It means a lot to me.

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