Drying when you’re a woman: how to reduce your fat mass?

Drying when you’re a woman: how to reduce your fat mass?

How to do a hair cut when you’re a woman? This is a question you ask me often so I will answer it in this article.

Because yes, let’s be honest, we all want flatter stomachs with well-shaped abs. You wouldn’t say no to firm, toned thighs. It’s true that you feel more confident when you love your body.

In the following lines, you will therefore learn what to do to dry off when you are a woman. And at the end you have my hair dryer program.

Before I start, I know that some people aren’t quite sure the difference between drying out and losing weight, so it’s best to take a look at this article on the difference between losing weight and cutting out. You will learn in detail the difference between cutting and losing weight.

At the moment, the hair is a subject that comes up a lot. And you know why we are talking about dry if you added me on Snapchat with my nickname mazgaux.

In order to dry out, you will have to adapt your diet . Which means you have to have a very good knowledge of your body. For example, knowing your maintenance calories is a real asset.

What are maintenance calories?

These are the exact calories you need in order to maintain your healthy weight. Knowing these calories will make it easier to calculate your required intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates.

The principle of a cut is to gradually reduce your carbohydrate intake. It sounds simple on paper, but it doesn’t have to be in practice. Because you don’t have to reduce your carbohydrate intake too quickly, overnight. You need to do this gradually, so that you don’t suddenly lose your vitality (and muscles).

Everything will play out with your carbohydrate intake and their distribution over the day. In order to provide you with enough energy for your workouts, while melting the fat.

To dry out, I do not reduce my protein or lipid intake. On the other hand, I prefer raw and unprocessed products, of plant origin and if possible organic. Of course, fast and refined sugars are not going to be part of my diet, especially at the end of the dry.

I’m not going to go over the dangers of sugar, especially if you’ve already watched my video on sugar detox. This is one of the most viewed and commented videos on my channel – there’s a lot of information in it.

When doing a blow-out, your goal is to reveal your muscles by melting away excess fat. As on the stomach, to have drawn abs.

Only, the fat is distributed as it wants on your body (yeah, it pisses, but she chooses)!

So you can’t choose to lose fat in a targeted way. What you can do, however, is boost fat loss by increasing your calorie expenditure.

For my part, in dry, I will focus on HIIT circuits with weights or weighted balls, as cardio. Because I hate running for hours on a carpet. And that it’s not always possible to go out for a run, with work or family life.

However, in order to keep your muscle mass, it is advisable to keep 4 weight training sessions during the dry period, so as not to melt your muscles.

To summarize quickly, the sport in period of dryness does not change compared to your traditional program. What will change is the addition of cardio sessions (classic or HIIT) to burn more calories.

This is my first time doing a hair dryer. In fact, the term is misused because originally it was used by athletes before a competition. Which I am not.

I wanted to start a cut to reach a new level and push my limits. You should know that I have already lost weight and that I built up muscles for several years before starting a cut.

As you know, I am authentic in my sharing with you on La Route de la Forme. And I want to be honest with you. This is why I do not recommend a cut for beginners. It’s best to lose weight and build muscle first.

That being said, here is my program for those who are waiting. My program has essentially changed in terms of diet.

  • # 1 I have decided to stop consuming dairy products.

I had stopped cow’s milk for a while. But I ate cheese. The thing is, I noticed it increased the water retention. And I’m already doing a lot of it (see A LOT) so I might as well not make it worse. Stopping dairy has been a success for me so far.

  • # 2 I try to buy organic or locally produced as much as possible (thank you Biocoop).
  • # 3 I eat my sources of carbohydrates mainly in the morning, after my workout.

To get enough energy and improve recovery after a weight training session. I often share my breakfast on Snapchat right now, and over time, I’ll scale it up, in order to keep carbs to a minimum while enjoying themselves as much!

  • # 4 At noon, I eat a source of protein with raw vegetables.

I noticed that I digested better and that I kept my vitality by eating the vegetables rather raw.

An hour and a half, after lunch, I eat an apple. This is the time when I’m hungry and a little organic apple keeps me going. It’s not ideal, because it’s quite close to the meal, but I’m hungry so I listen to myself.

  • # 5 You should really trust your body on this point. Listen to yourself.

And that is perhaps the goal behind a blow: to know yourself better. And in the end, that’s a lot more valuable than having abs (although we all love abs!).

Regarding my sports program, it has not changed. I do more HIIT circuits at home now for cardio. I also cycle for my preparation for the Chantilly Triathlon.

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