The 3 UNKNOWN steps for BELLY FAT

The 3 UNKNOWN steps for BELLY FAT

What to eat to remove stomach fat? What should you eat to have a flatter stomach?

When you want to lose belly fat, to have more prominent abs, you look first for food and that’s normal.

You may have already tried doing 100 sit-ups a day, but not seeing results. Suddenly, you tell yourself that you will have to change what you eat to have a stomach that you like more.

And you are right.

Here are the 3 things to avoid if you want to lose belly fat:

1. Prepared dishes

By avoiding ready-made meals, you naturally reduce your sodium intake. At the same time, you avoid endoctrination disruptors which are responsible for hormonal disorders in women.

Less prepared meals mean less salts, sugars and hormone disruptors. It also means more vegetables and 100% natural products.

2. Dairy products

If you want to lose belly fat and love handles, cut back on dairy products. Especially when it comes to cow’s milk.

For example, if you drink cow’s milk in the morning, you can save it if you don’t eat it with other meals. A client of the La Reprise program had a really visible result in the area of ​​the abdominal belt just by reducing dairy products.

It’s not for nothing that there are more than 50 active members on the private Facebook group ? the program gives very quick results. Look here to get started.

3. Wheat

I talk about it at length in this book, or else this book because wheat is our modern scourge.

Here I’m not just talking about a big belly or lack of abs. I’m talking about your health. And that of your children.

Modern wheat is so poisonous that bakers no longer even use the wheat flour we get in commerce.

The wheat we eat is made with GMOs most often (thanks to the new regulations from Europe). Unfortunately, it is our children who consume the most. The consequences for health and belly fat are terrible.

I develop my programs up and down

So, I’m not going to redo the topo here.

Start to wake up your metabolism today (when you spend 70% of your day sitting)

With La Reprise, we can continue to have a normal social life…

… and eat with others (even continue to go to dinner with friends). You can still go to a restaurant, be a guest with friends without worrying about what you are going to eat.
Yes, you can even have an aperitif. You can even have dessert, if you like sweet recipes. I give you a number of tips to improve your diet, but you have the choice of what you eat. Whether you are vegetarian or intolerant to gluten, lactose etc.

The Reprise is compatible with all types of food.

For many people, an effective method is bound to be hard to follow.
Not the Resumption. Most members are amazed how easy it is. And that’s why it works.


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