To listen: the book “the discreet charm of the gut” by Giulia Enders

To listen: the book “the discreet charm of the gut” by Giulia Enders

What is the role of the gut in weight loss?

Often called the second brain of the body, I must admit that before reading (or rather listening) the book by Giulia Enders “the discreet charm of the ‘intestine’, I completely underestimated the role of the intestine.

It’s true that the gut is anything but a glamorous organ. Yet after listening to the audio book The Discreet Charm of the Intestine, I see this organ in a different light.

Before I talk about the book and what it will tell you about your health, I have to tell you something. Recently, I discovered audiobooks. It seems that it has been around for a while, but hey I had never looked into the question.

And then recently, I downloaded my first book for free from (the first book is free). It’s rather surprising and quite pleasant.

I got into the habit of listening to audiobooks while running or “classic” cardio and I have to say that is great.

That’s how I listened to Giulia Enders’ book, The Quiet Charm of the Gut.

In his book, the author explains with simplicity and humor the role played by our “second brain” in problems such as overweight, depression, Parkinson’s disease, allergies, and more.

I particularly liked the funny and amusing tone used by Giulia Enders who humorously invites you to change your eating behavior while being fully aware of the consequences of each food on the digestion.

She also talks about certain medications to avoid and she gives some practical rules to do good for her stomach and her health.

Here are 2 points that will particularly please you on your fitness route.


By reading (or listening to this book) one learns in particular why eating is a remedy for sadness and depression.

In fact, eating causes the secretion of a “happiness” hormone. Thus, it would lessen the effects of sadness or depression.

This is one of the reasons why I am talking about the mind and motivation in the HIIT program. I am convinced that we eat a lot more (or too much) when morale is not good.

Giulia Enders explains it simply in her book about the discreet charm of the gut. You will understand a lot of eating behavior with this book.


One thing that surprised me a lot is that the gut has little “soldiers” who are responsible for cleaning the intestinal tract internally.

These little soldiers can only act after the gut is empty. That is, after digestion is complete.

In addition, the role of these little soldiers is essential because they are the protectors of the intestinal flora. Without them, there would be too many bad bacteria.

Suddenly, if we nibble all day, the little soldiers cannot clean the intestine of bad bacteria because it is always “full” and the digestion is never over.

So that clearly explains why snacking is not only the enemy of weight but also of gut health.

The discreet charm of the intestine is available in audio on or in print on amazon by clicking here.

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